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All ambitious people share one powerful characteristic: hunger – a desire for personal development, growth and progress. With my services, I can offer them the most effective tools to help them attain and sustain their goals in a financially viable way.

Background and Pain Points

John is a married man in his mid-forties with 4 kids and a stay at home wife. He finds himself at a point where he does not have a positive outlook about his future or career. In the past 10 years, he had 3 jobs in 3 companies, always believing the next one will be better. Professionally, John holds a senior position in IT, in which he feels unfulfilled. Also, he has been suffering for the past 20 years from a chronic rare syndrome that is mainly caused by stress.

John doesn’t have a clear vision as to what he can do outside of his job, given that he has worked in a corporate environment for more than 20 years. He was at a point where he didn’t have enough confidence to make things happen on his own.
He feels surrounded by all sorts of pressures and responsibilities from his family, health condition and financially having to support his household. This has made him feel completely stuck in procrastination and conflicting inertia.


He joined me for the first time in a workshop to discover his Ikigai or what we say the intersection of his passion, mission, vocation and process. This process enabled John to establish a compass to get more clarity as to which career direction can bring him closer to his values. This, in turn, will make him feel more fulfilled.

Part of his Ikigai was to spread awareness about how to manage and deal with his rare syndrome. We also worked on a weekly schedule using the Value-Add model to see how his week looks like inside and outside of work.

With the Value-Add model, John identified opportunities in his week that freed up some space to work on his new career direction. In parallel, we worked on a plan to identify how can he kick off a business that would be around serving people suffering from the same health condition as his.

On a weekly basis, we connected to work on reframing his mindset, identifying his limiting beliefs and creating tangible accountabilities. This enabled him to push forward within all the barriers that believe that was holding him back. He started then to build talents, skills, network, contacts that moved him towards monetizing a way to spread awareness about his syndrome.


John has now written an ebook related to his syndrome and started a website to blog and help other people in his situation. Furthermore, he started organizing global virtual circles around this topic and increase the awareness of the people suffering from this condition. Finally, John started to commercialize a medical product that helped with alleviating any pain resulting from the syndrome he is suffering.

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