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All ambitious people share one powerful characteristic: hunger – a desire for personal development, growth and progress. With my services, I can offer them the most effective tools to help them attain and sustain their goals in a financially viable way.

Background and Pain Points

Liana is a middle-aged woman, who had a safe career for 17 years. After spending some time single and not being able to be in a relationship she started to feel unfulfilled. At the same time, she was also experiencing a lot of insecurities about job, future and relationships. She didn’t have a clear vision for the next steps she was going to take. She has been for 4 years trying to change jobs/career, but could not land on another job or a different career.

Liana always wanted to escape her environment (job and country) thinking she would be happier and more satisfied if she leaves her home country. This was partially valid because she wanted to travel and experience the international lifestyle and this was part of her values in life.

So, the bottleneck for her and the main problem was that she wanted to change jobs, become an international person – but she lacked the ability and capability to do this.


The methodology that I followed to assess her situation was inspired by the cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) where I would help a Liana to unpack what is the inherent belief that she has about herself – when it comes to facing a fearful decision (for example quitting her job or moving countries).

  • I started with working on identifying the fears and the negative beliefs that she has about herself – mainly coming from difficult childhood experiences coming from her family.
  • The next step was to help her identify the sabotaging voice in her head that comes up whenever she is experiencing self-doubt and in turn fears.
  • This sabotaging voice became a bad “habit” or emotional home that she always referred to, anytime something negative came up. When it comes to changing this bad habit, I worked with her on identifying another entity or voice in her head and that was the “sage” voice.
  • I have analyzed the cost of inaction and I continuously future paced her to extrapolate the level of pain that she would experience in her life if she continues doing what she does today.

When it comes to breaking a bad habit like procrastination or subsiding a negative inner talk our brain values the present more than the future. Because the future is uncertain. So, if her sabotaging voice has helped her to stay safe and “survive”, that then became the safer option for her to take in the present.


When I helped Liana create a negative future, connected to this current negative habit of listening to the saboteur, this is when her brain reframing process started taking effect. She really became more conscious of that negative voice and the dark future that it may lead her to.

  • I worked with her on making the sage voice the new anchor when it comes to decision-making processes.
  • I also helped her create, a parallel positive future, should she continue to work with her Sage and getting its directions.
  • Another exercise that I worked with her on, is to understand the compass of what kind of career she should gravitate to, that would offer her more fulfilment (this is based on the model of ikigai = reason for being in Japanese).
  • Eventually, she has started consciously to step out of her comfort zone 2 mm steps at a time, every week!

Now, she is looking into starting her own lingerie line and becoming a writer.

She is adopting the mindset of an entrepreneur because she wants to take ownership of her life and career. If no one wants to employ her, she can create her own job.

As next steps, I am helping her to create tangible steps into moving towards creating or launching her own business. A business that is in-line with her Purpose and Ikigai, that will also enable her to become an international person through exhibitions and international fairs. The initial steps that we have taken towards building a start-up plan were connecting with the market, client base, their needs, product mix, project timeline with actions and tasks.

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