Business and Career Coaching Case Studies

All ambitious people share one powerful characteristic: hunger – a desire for personal development, growth and progress. With my services, I can offer them the most effective tools to help them attain and sustain their goals in a financially viable way.

Business And Career Coaching Case Study

Empowering Liana To Get Out Of Her Comfort Zone

Liana knew life is more than living in her home country and having a stable job. She has been struggling for years to get a stable relationship, do what she loves and travel the world.

After attending my coaching sessions, Liana is on her way to launching a successful lingerie business, travel the world and creating a purposeful life.

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Business and Career Coaching Services

Business And Career Coaching Case Study

How John Went From an Unfulfilling Corporate Job to A Successful Entrepreneur

John has struggled for more than 20 years with a rare health condition. As if this wasn’t enough his corporate job was making him feel miserable. Not to mention all the pressure and responsibilities one has to keep afloat a family. After attending my workshops John created a successful business, helping others with the same health condition. Now he lives a fulfilling and happy life together with his family.

I strongly recommend Laurent and I would like to thank him for all the insights and discoveries that I had during the coaching process. It was a forever learning experience and a mindset change. The tools that Laurent has worked with me during our coaching sessions, such as 2 mm steps every day to challenge myself, to avoid procrastination and the technique to pushing me out of my comfort zone were very helpful and challenged at the same time. I must say that is a priceless investment.

Sales & Marketing Executive

business and career coaching testimonial

I have been very fortunate to have met Laurent over the past year in São Paulo during his work with FGV University in Brazil. I have worked with him in the capacity of identifying my Ikigai for life and career purpose – which was an eye-opening experience. He guided me on a journey where I self-discovered through in-depth reflections what I value the most in my professional and personal life which gave me clarity and made me feel fulfilled to follow up with actions. Then I worked with Laurent to start putting the actions and steps in place after identifying my target market, niche, ideal clients, the problem that I am solving and my unique proposition.

Ricardo Arikawa
Board of Directors, The American Society of São Paulo
Ambassador to the InterNations, São Paulo

business and career coaching testimonial

I found both the workshop and coaching process with Laurent extremely helpful. It helped me gain more clarity on my Life and career Purpose.
Over the past several years, I have passed through an extremely tumultuous time which got me more determined to understand my purpose in life.
Fortunately, through Laurent Kabbabe, I have come across the Ikigai concept. It is the intersection of one’s passion, mission, vocation, and profession. the process enabled me to establish a compass that helped me get more clarity and confidence as to where to go next and what to do - knowing that this will be in line with my values and bring me fulfillment. The coaching with Laurent has helped me to hone in on the next steps and what skills and talents are needed for me to get there.

Jack El Sukhen - Senior IT leader

business and career coaching testimonial

In a series of in-person talks and webinars at FGV, directed at self-awareness and thoughtfulness, Laurent has led experienced executives to reflect upon how to pursue one’s dreams in a reasoned way and how to build a more adjusted version of oneself that balances several important demands in life: career, family, friends and oneself. A really transformational journey.

Jorge Carneiro, associate dean at FGV Sao Paulo School of Business Administration and academic director of OneMBA - global executive MBA

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